How Can You Help Change This?

Illegal rubbish dumping around Wyndham is just one of the issues that concerns local residents, but Wyndham City Council believe they have a plan that may help.

Wyndham City Council is calling on the community to help shape its Community Engagement Policy, which outlines how Council can best involve the community in its decision-making about local projects, services, plans and policies.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Josh Gilligan said he wanted to hear from the community about the best ways in which they want to share their ideas with Council and be part of the large and small decisions that are made daily.”

“This is your community and we want to build a solid policy to approach community engagement in a way that suits our residents,” Cr Gilligan said.

“Every resident should have the opportunity to participate in decisions that impact them, their families and communities.”

“There are many considerations when making decisions about projects, services and policies and hearing what the community thinks is an important input for us.”

“There are lots of ways to get involved including an online discussion workshop and a survey. Plus, there is a dedicated spot for kids to tell us how they like to be involved and share ideas.  Please visit the Loop and tell us how you want us to engage with you in the future, be it online, in person (when restrictions lift), through printed material, on the phone, or in a community setting.”

“We are interested in learning what kinds of projects residents are most interested in being a part of – it could be roads and infrastructure, local parks, arts and culture or maybe youth or children’s services.”

“We want to hear from people of all ages, backgrounds and interests.”

Please visit https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/development-of-the-community-engagement-policy-2021 to provide your feedback by 31th August.