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How to Handle Wyndham’s Keyboard Warriors.

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Let’s face it – the rise of the internet has done wonders, but it’s also put us in touch with people who we likely wouldn’t have otherwise talked to before. However, while this can be good in some cases, it’s also a challenge in others; after all, it’s allowed more and more people to get into arguments and discussions about a broad range of different, potentially controversial topics. With this thought in mind, keyboard warriors – on all sides of the argument – can be a frustrating reality to deal with. However, there are ways to handle keyboard warriors to ensure a civil and friendly discussion, as we’ve outlined today.

6 Simple Ways to Handle Wyndham’s Keyboard Warriors

Keyboard warriors can be frustrating to deal with, in some cases. But whether you’re just trying to have a civil discussion or if they seem out to start an argument, the following six tips could help.

#1 Stay Calm

The most important thing to do to handle a keyboard warrior is to stay calm. They will often use inflammatory language to try and drive a response; the best way to handle this is to try and stay level-headed.

#2 Try to Understand Their Points

Whether you think they are right or wrong in what they are saying, keyboard warriors usually still believe in their point of view. As such, try to understand their points; this will help you formulate a more reasoned discussion.

#3 Don’t Throw Insults

If a keyboard warrior begins insulting you, it’s easy to resort to insults back. However, this tends to only drive the conversation to an all out screaming match, with neither side getting anywhere. Instead, try to remain calm and level headed – it prevents a huge argument and allows you to stay on a rational level of discussion. You’re more likely to get support in this way, too.

#4 Watch out For People Who Want to Fight

It’s not uncommon for keyboard warriors to be pushing for a fight, which can explain a lot of their inflammatory behaviour in some scenarios. This isn’t always the case, though; some keyboard warriors are just incredibly passionate about their cause. In any case, look out for people who want to fight, and try to avoid these individuals – the discussion won’t go anywhere productively.

#5 Don’t Engage if it Turns Nasty

Many topics can quickly turn nasty if the keyboard warrior doesn’t get the response they wanted from you. With this in mind, if your attempts at a reasonable discussion fail, let them know that you won’t continue the discussion in such a manner.

#6 Block Their Account

If a keyboard warrior keeps harassing or pestering you, the best option may simply be to block their account. This will stop them from getting in touch with you – and, if they still attempt to do so, you may want to contact the police to get a restraining order against them.