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Huge Drilling Rig Near Werribee South.

Ocean Onyx Coastal Park

Laid up in Port Phillip Bay due to the current pandemic, a huge drilling rig, the Ocean Onyx (operated by Diamond Offshore) is chartered to Beach Energy for a work program in the Otway Basin off Port Campbell.

The Ocean Onyx sits offshore
The Ocean Onyx sits off-shore

The Ocean Onyx is expected to be laid up in the anchorage for three months and will be supported by rig tenders operating from a base in Geelong.

The Blue Marlin
Image: Victorian Ports, Melbourne.

The huge drilling rig was transported from Singapore by the Blue Marlin, which is a semi-submersible heavy transport vehicle.

Oil Rig Near Point Cook
The rig from the Point Cook Coastal Park

The rig will be onshore-to-offshore drilling off the Great Ocean Road as part of Beach Energy’s $1 billion campaign to drill for gas off the Port Campbell coast after finding success drilling at Nirranda.

Although there has also been an ongoing legal battle regarding the drilling.