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Illegal Dumping of Car Tyres Plagues Lawrie Emmins Reserve

Illegal tyre dumping

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Wyndham City Council Takes Action to Address Environmental Breach

Lawrie Emmins Reserve in Laverton has been marred by a series of illegal dumping incidents, with hundreds of discarded car tires blighting the area over the past few weeks. Prompt action is underway to address this concerning environmental breach.

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A concerned resident, witnessing the irresponsible dumping, captured images of the tyre-strewn grounds and promptly forwarded them to Wyndham City Council. Wyndham City’s Acting Director of City Operations, Antoniette Michail, confirmed that investigations are already in progress to apprehend those responsible for this reckless act.

“Wyndham City is currently investigating the illegal dumping of tires at Lawrie Emmins Reserve,” confirmed Antoniette Michail. “Council has already coordinated the removal of the tyres from the site.”

Car tyres dumped
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In response to this incident, Wyndham City has proactively informed the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) about the unlawful dumping. This unfortunate incident is part of a string of similar occurrences. Wyndham City, in collaboration with the EPA and Fire Rescue Victoria, is steadfast in its commitment to thoroughly investigate and address these issues.

“We work closely with the EPA and Fire Rescue Victoria to investigate these matters,” Michail stated. She also urged residents to join forces with the Council to combat illegal dumping. “Residents are encouraged to contact Council to assist in the prevention and reporting of illegal dumping across the municipality.”

The reserve has often been plagued with rubbish dumping and illegal behaviour.

Michail highlighted the crucial role of community engagement in addressing the challenge and stressed the significance of eyewitness accounts in identifying wrongdoers. “Where possible, if residents witness illegal dumping, they are encouraged to note down the vehicle registration and provide any photos or video footage to assist us in any investigation.”

Illegal tyre dump Lawrie Emmins
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Illegal dumping not only harms the environment but also imposes financial burdens on local authorities. “Illegal dumping of rubbish costs Wyndham City hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in clean-up costs,” Michail lamented.

As the investigation unfolds, this incident serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility of residents, local authorities, and organizations to safeguard and preserve the community’s natural spaces for future generations.

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