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Find the Illegal Dumpers or Pay $15,000.00

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A Werribee resident is angry and frustrated over a large amount of rubbish that was illegally dumped on their Concorde Crescent property at around 1.15am Monday morning. (27 Apr 2020)

The land owner estimates that the large amount of rubbish will cost around $15,000-$20,000 to have it removed, based on tip fees.

The frustrated resident said Wyndham City Council advised them that they must remove the eyesore at their own cost  and can only help if the person(s) responsible are found.

The resident is hoping that someone will recognise the vehicles in the CCTV images provided and contact Werribee Police as vehicles may be the key to solving the mystery dump.

According to the resident, police have advised that illegal dumping has increased due to the temporary closure of the local tip.