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Imitation Firearm Seized in Manor Lakes

Manor Lakes gun incident

School Notification Contradicts Eyewitnesses and Subsequent Police Report in Imitation Firearm Incident

In the wake of an alleged incident involving a 19-year-old man brandishing an imitation firearm in the vicinity of a school in Manor Lakes earlier this week, questions have arisen surrounding the accuracy of the initial school notification.

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On Monday, August 14, and Tuesday, August 15, the man was reportedly in the vicinity of the school premises on Minindee Road with what appeared to be an imitation firearm. Eyewitnesses claimed that the man exhibited concerning behaviour by displaying the imitation firearm to students, causing alarm within the school community.

Police patrolled the area and allegedly located a man nearby in possession of a black imitation handgun, a knife and a quantity of drugs. The 19-year-old Wyndham Vale man was arrested at the scene. He’s been released and is expected to be charged on summons at a later date.

In response to the incident, Manor Lakes College Principal Scott Dellar issued a statement intended to reassure parents, guardians, and caregivers. Dellar’s statement asserted that “at no stage was a critical incident response required” and that the school continued its activities uninterrupted. He stated, “It has come to my attention that incorrect information and rumours are appearing on some social media sites about a gun being onsite at the College today. This is totally incorrect, and school continued as normal across the day with students in class and engaged in their learning.”

College principal letter

However, this assertion appears to be only somewhat correct, as eyewitness reports and subsequent police investigations indicate that an individual with an imitation firearm was allegedly present in the vicinity of the school premises and engaged in concerning behaviour towards students.

The contradiction between the initial notification and the information provided by law enforcement has raised concerns among parents and the wider community. Many are questioning the accuracy and transparency of the school’s response to the incident. The focus has shifted towards addressing the reasons behind the discrepancy in information and ensuring that accurate and timely information is disseminated in the future.

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