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In Depth Timeline Reveals Further Details on Tragic Death in Werribee

Werribee death timeline

Comprehensive Timeline and Eyewitness Accounts Uncover Key Insights into Werribee Tragedy

A homicide investigation is underway following the death of a man in Werribee, which occurred overnight. The man has been identified as Cain Cameron, a father of three. The incident unfolded when he allegedly fell from a hotel carpark onto the footpath in front of a restaurant in Werribee.

The police say they discovered the man at the base of a building on Duncans Road while responding to an incident on Thursday, October 26, around 10:30 PM. Upon finding him, they said that police immediately called for medical assistance and administered first aid until ambulance paramedics arrived.

Cain Cameron
Cain Cameron (Facebook)

A witness at the scene said,  “There were multiple police there, including CIU when this happened. I said, ‘Get him an ambulance; he’s injured.’ They told me to move on. There was no assistance given while I was there. They were all just standing around him, rolling him over and back, then they tried to sit him up.”

The police added that unfortunately, their efforts were in vain, and the man passed away at the scene.

What makes this case puzzling is that the last time the man was seen alive, he was handcuffed to an ambulance stretcher. The exact circumstances leading to his death remain under investigation.

Alive on stretcher
*Susbcriber Only Video*

A timeline of the events that transpired on that fateful night is as follows:

Sometime prior to 9:50 PM: Police vehicles had surrounded the Holiday Inn.

– 9:51 PM: The man fell to the footpath and attempted to get up but couldn’t.

– 9:52 PM: Two female police officers arrived at the scene.

– 10:03 PM: Wyndham TV recorded the man still alive on the ground, surrounded by police.

– 10:08 PM: An ambulance arrived.

– 10:16 PM: The man was placed in the ambulance while still alive.

– 11:27 PM: The ambulance backed into Rushford Lane.

– 11:42 PM: The ambulance left, and the man’s body was left in the entrance of the hotel car park on Rushford Lane, covered with tarps.

Joey Spiteri, the owner of Baby J’s, recounted how his staff and customers reacted to the incident, noting, “He was in a really bad state; they did the best they could and waited for emergency services to arrive. I don’t know what he was trying to do, but he landed straightaway in front of my door. It’s very distressing; I just feel terrible for the family and everyone involved.”

Holiday Inn Death flowers
Flowers and a card have been placed near the scene.

Police say their presence in the area was a response to the airwing’s sighting of a van entering the underground carpark of the hotel building on Duncans Road. This followed a previous pursuit of the van by the police in Werribee around 9:30 PM.

Authorities are currently investigating a potential connection between the deceased man and an aggravated carjacking incident in Hoppers Crossing that occurred on Sunday, October 22nd. The community awaits further information as the investigation unfolds.

Detectives from the Homicide Squad will investigate the incident with oversight from Professional Standards Command, as per standard practice when a person dies in police presence.

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