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Inconsistent Speed Limits.

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Some residents have complained about the seemingly inconsistent speed limits on local roads in Wyndham.
Hacketts Road heading toward Point Cook.
Traveling along Hacketts Road in Point Cook, for example, there is a 60kph limit one side of Sneydes Road, and once crossing Sneydes Road into a residential area the limit increases to 70kph.
Hacketts Road speed limit increases in a built up area.
Many residents are baffled at the discrepancies they see and a large number of commuters question the logic behind some of these limits.
Kenning Road, Tarneit is practically a single lane both ways.
According to VicRoads, the speed zones and speed limits are set by teams of specialists who review the roads and how you use them. Traffic engineers and other specialists at VicRoads come together to set appropriate speeds, within statutory guidelines.
Do you have any examples in your area that you believe to be inconsistent? Be sure to let us know in the comments.