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Inquest Ordered for Point Cook Man Who Died after Police Stand-off

Point Cook man dies after police stand off

During the ambulance journey, Mr. Keisler vomited and experienced a cardiac arrest.

The death of Christopher Keisler, a 44-year-old Point Cook man, who suffered a cardiac arrest while being sedated en route to a hospital following a police stand-off, will undergo an inquest.


The Coroners Court received details on Thursday regarding Mr. Keisler’s living situation at the time of his demise on September 7, 2023. He was residing in supported accommodation funded by the NDIS, attributed to a history of schizophrenia and bipolar mood disorder.

On that fateful day, at 8.30 am, Mr. Keisler’s roommate, another NDIS client, called for emergency services to aid her with her medical needs. Unfortunately, paramedics were unable to provide assistance due to her “presentation”, prompting them to contact the police.

Upon the arrival of the officers, Mr. Keisler exhibited signs of severe mental distress himself, engaging in what was described as “ranting and raving in delirium.” He proceeded to lock out the emergency personnel and positioned himself at an open second-floor window at the property on Lawler Street.

Death of Point Cook man
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In response to the escalating situation, police negotiators and a critical incident response team were dispatched to the scene. A subsequent call to emergency services reported a potential explosion at the property, although no such event occurred.

At 10.18 am, Mr. Keisler emerged from his residence and was apprehended, during which he displayed agitation and anger. Paramedics administered three separate sedative injections in rapid succession to address his state of distress. They initiated transport to Werribee Mercy Hospital, but during the ambulance journey, Mr. Keisler vomited and experienced a cardiac arrest.

Paramedics immediately intubated him and initiated CPR, but their efforts to revive him proved unsuccessful. Tragically, Mr. Keisler was pronounced dead shortly after noon at the hospital. The court learned that Mr. Keisler had recently been released from prison and was on bail for pending offenses.

Coroner Ingrid Giles has instructed that a brief report be provided by January 8, 2024. The upcoming inquest is anticipated to focus on establishing responsibility for Mr. Keisler’s care at the time of his passing, especially in light of recent legislative changes.

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