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Ironbark Fields and Ironbark Pavilion Emerge as Leading Contenders

ironbark field stadium precinct

Wyndham City has initiated a period for public notification regarding the preferred names for the Reserve and Pavilion of the Regional Football Facility, situated within the Wyndham Stadium Precinct in Tarneit.


During the Council Meeting on Tuesday night (27th February), the names Ironbark Fields for the Reserve and Ironbark Pavilion garnered support.

These names received the highest percentage of votes (65.57%) in recent community consultations. ‘Ironbark’ references a type of eucalyptus tree native to Victoria.

Councillor Peter Maynard, Wyndham City’s Active City Portfolio holder, mentioned that feedback from the community emphasized a preference for names linked to a specific place during the initial consultation phase in 2023.

The second consultation phase, conducted from December 2023 to 18th February 2024, presented the community with the proposed names Davis (Davis Park and Davis Pavilion) or Ironbark (Ironbark Fields and Ironbark Pavilion).

With the significant backing for Ironbark Fields and Ironbark Pavilion, Wyndham City has entered a statutory public notification phase where community feedback on the preferred names is welcomed.

A final decision on the names will be made during the Council meeting on 23rd April 2024.

Covering 63 hectares, the Wyndham Stadium Precinct includes the Regional Football Facility. Upon completion, this facility will boast cutting-edge training amenities, including three pitches, a two-story pavilion, and seating for 5,000 spectators.

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