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Is Disneyland Coming to Werribee? Council Addresses Rumours

Disneyland Werribee

Whispers of Mickey Mouse and friends setting up shop in Werribee have been swiftly shut down, with Wyndham City Council confirming it’s just another fairytale. “Wyndham City has not been approached by any organisation in relation to plans for a ‘Disney-style’ park in our municipality,” a spokesman clarified, pouring cold water on the hot gossip from Wednesday morning.

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The grapevine was abuzz with talk that Disney might sprinkle some of its magic dust on Werribee, turning it into Australia’s own kingdom of enchantment. This comes after The Walt Disney Company announced last September its plans to throw a cool $60 billion into doubling down on its parks and experiences over the next ten years, with an eye on international expansion.

“We have an ambitious growth story that is supported by a proven track record and a bold vision for the future of our parks business,” boasted Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney parks, experiences, and products. This revelation sparked global dreams of new Disneylands popping up, with Australia hitching a ride on the fantasy wagon.


It’s not Werribee’s first rodeo with grand entertainment aspirations. Remember the African Safari World? A $220 million adventure ride paradise was once on the drawing board, set amidst the plains of the Werribee Open Range Zoo. But the state government pulled the plug in 2008, fearing it would cost the taxpayers too dearly.

Now, with rumours of Disney’s eye on Werribee, it follows a flurry of last year’s speculation when Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, pitched Fishermans Bend as the perfect spot for a Disney park. “As Australia’s capital city of fun, of course we should have a Disney theme park in Melbourne… I know a Disney theme park in our municipality would be a huge hit with residents — myself included — visitors, students, and traders,” Ms. Capp enthused.

Even as attempts to bring Disney down under continue, from Avalon Airport near Geelong to spots in Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia, the fairy dust hasn’t settled just yet. As for Werribee, it remains just another place not getting a castle anytime soon.

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