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Is Werribee the ‘Capital’ of Wyndham?

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Have you ever wondered whether Werribee is the capital of Wyndham? It’s not always clear as to where Werribee city stands in terms of its position in Wyndham, which is why we have outlined some of the key things you should know about Werribee as follows, to help you find out more about this unique region and what it can offer for your needs. Whether you’re looking to make a move and discover a new region to live, or if you’ve just been curious about Werribee’s status, we’re here to help! 

What is Werribee?  

Werribee is not actually a city; in addition to this, town status is not something that Werribee holds. Instead, Werribee is a suburb located in Melbourne and is often considered the so-called capital of Wyndham. But is this true? 

Well, unlike Werribee, Wyndham is a sprawling city in Victoria. Many decisions relating to Wyndham’s overall administration are made in Werribee – but this does not immediately qualify Werribee as the “capital.” In fact, there is no such thing as a capital for cities – however, Werribee does still represent the main administration region overall. 


Nevertheless, while Werribee isn’t officially a capital city, it is often referred to as The Capital of Western Suburbs in Melbourne. As such, this is worthwhile to keep in mind as part of your decision. 

Key Stats About Werribee  

Werribee is a rapidly growing Wyndham suburb with a population of just over 50,000 people. That’s around 20% of all people living in Wyndham. The suburb covers a total of 23.8 square kilometres and has a population density of around 2,000 people per square kilometre. As such, despite not being a city itself, it’s an incredibly bustling region with a huge amount going on at any one time. 

What Does Werribee Have to Offer? 

Werribee is Wyndham’s main financial hub, meaning that there’s a lot going on at any one time. Of course, it’s important to consider here that any visit or move to Wyndham will be busy since the region is typically so fast-paced in its own right. Some of the most popular things to see in Werribee include the numerous different parks, artistic murals, the B-24 Liberator Memorial (Australia’s only surviving B-24 Liberator), and the Werribee Mansion. 

Werribee Mural

Final Thoughts 

In many cases, it’s not easy to work out whether a suburb is considered the capital of a region – however, this is not the case for Werribee. Though many believe Werribee to be a city, in reality, it’s just a small suburb; however, it is technically the main administrative region in Wyndham, which is perhaps similar. As such, while Werribee is not technically the capital of Wyndham, it is the main administrative region and is responsible for many different actions. The region has grown very rapidly in size as a result over the last several decades, and it now has a population of just over 50,000 people based on the 2021 census. 

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