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Jenny Hayes Admits to Killing Point Cook Family.

jenny hayes

In a furious attack, a sex worker set a house on fire, resulting in a young mother, her partner, and their infant being burned alive.

On December the 2nd, 2020, Jenny Hayes set their Point Cook home on fire and fled after dousing it with accelerant. Abbey Forrest, 19, Inderpal Sohal (Also known as Indi), 28, and their three-week-old daughter Ivy were killed.

Hayes is believed to have had a sexual services dispute with a tenant at the Totem Way address and after returning to the property at 3.40 am, she set it ablaze.

It is believed that the victim of the vindictive attack was not at the house at the time and according to Hayes, she wasn’t aware that the young family was upstairs.

The 47-year-old cried in Victoria’s Supreme Court as she bowed her head and said the words “guilty” three times on Wednesday after each charge of arson causing death was read.

The maximum penalty for arson causing death is 25 years in prison.

When asked her occupation, she answered “sex worker,” appearing via video link from the women’s prison Dame Phyliis Frost Centre.

Originally charged with three counts of murder, Hayes pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in a plea deal.

The pre-sentencing hearing for Hayes is scheduled for November the 7th.