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Jeststar Unveils New Domestic Route from Avalon

Jetstar at Avalon

Celebrating Two Decades of Service, Avalon Sets Sail with Daily Flights to New Destinations.

Jetstar is marking its 20th anniversary by launching its 100th domestic route, offering daily flights from Melbourne (Avalon) Airport to Brisbane starting 28 June. This new route is set to enhance connectivity to South-East Queensland for passengers from Greater Melbourne, Geelong, and Western Victoria, while also facilitating travel for Queenslanders to Melbourne, the Surf Coast, and the Great Ocean Road.

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Avalon Airport, serving as Melbourne and Victoria’s second 24/7 international gateway, is becoming increasingly pivotal to Jetstar’s expansion strategy. This includes exploring additional flight opportunities from Melbourne in response to growing demand. The addition of the Melbourne (Avalon) to Brisbane route underscores Jetstar’s ongoing commitment over the past two decades to provide Australians with low-fare travel options, encouraging more frequent air travel.

Jetstar Group CEO, Stephanie Tully, highlighted the significance of this milestone, noting the introduction of state-of-the-art NEO aircraft as a key factor in achieving the airline’s 100th domestic route. Tully emphasized the importance of the new route in offering affordable travel options to Victorians looking to visit Queensland and in promoting tourism to Victoria’s scenic Surf Coast and its surroundings. She also expressed gratitude for the support from the Victorian Government and Melbourne (Avalon) Airport.

The Victorian Government has expressed its support for the new flights, with Minister for Jobs and Industry, Natalie Hutchins, acknowledging the positive impact on tourism, education, business, and trade throughout the state. Similarly, Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events, Steve Dimopoulos, remarked on the timely nature of the new service for visitors to the Geelong region and Victoria.

David Fox, Executive Chairman of Melbourne (Avalon) Airport, praised the launch of the daily service to Brisbane as a testament to the enduring partnership with Jetstar, signifying a step towards greater opportunities for passengers and the expansion of travel routes.

Access to Avalon Airport from Wyndham is notably convenient, making it an attractive option for travelers within the region seeking to take advantage of the new route and Jetstar’s competitive fares.

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