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Junk Fished Out of Wetlands by Locals.

junk from wetlands

Some local residents have taken to the Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands to do some “magnet fishing” and what they found will perhaps surprise you, or not!

Paul Rushworth, Jane Rushworth and Dylan Forbes, armed with a 22.5kg salvage recovery magnet, managed to retrieve a variety of weird and wonderful items from the depths of the Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands situated in Werribee.

The trio, all from Werribee, live within walking distance from the wetlands and are concerned for the local environment.

Paul dived in and braved the murky waters, even discovering an eel,  while Dylan and Jane assisted from the sidelines. 

Paul and Dylan with the motor scooter haul.

Among the items fished out of the water were two shopping trolleys, three bicycles, two scooters, a tyre, a pram, loads of rubbish including small canisters of nitrous oxide (often referred to as ‘nangs’), fishing paraphernalia (rod, nets etc.) and even a motor scooter.

‘Nangs’ Co2 cannisters used as a recreational drug.

Paul said, “I find it sad that some people could care so little for their environment but it was good to give something back to those in the community who do appreciate the wetlands.”

The shopping trolleys came in handy for transporting the goods.

The items were all hauled to a bin area near a car park in the hope that Council would collect the items.

Today only a few shopping trolleys and the motor scooter remain. 

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