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K-Road Cliffs Falls Victim to Illegal Dumping

Rubbish at k road cliffs

The impressive view at the K-Road Cliffs has been scarred by illegal rubbish dumpers.

Visitors to the popular viewing area this morning couldn’t miss the contrasting display and all chose to park up the other end of the car park to avoid seeing the mess.

The rubbish consisted of mainly children’s toys that were broken and deliberately dumped over one of the fences at the tourist attraction.

Rubbish dumps are also spotted throughout Werribee South including along Duncan’s Road near the beautiful grasslands.

There seems to be a large increase in illegal rubbish dumping around Wyndham which has some locals blaming high tip prices.

A makeshift tip has also commenced near the RAAF base along Duncan’s Road in Point Cook. 

Just recently a local resident of Wyndham organised to have a large forming pile of rubbish removed from the Tarneit West Shopping Village car park. You can read the story here.

The dumping of litter in Wyndham is an offence. Litter may not be thrown from a vehicle, dumped onto a public reserve, nature strip, or on a road. 

Across the municipality, signs have been installed, encouraging people to report illegal dumping, to secure their load of rubbish, and warning people of the severe penalties which apply to people caught illegally dumping rubbish.

To report dumped litter: