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Knife Pulled on Manor Lakes School Grounds

Knife at Manor Lakes College

Some students at Manor Lakes College in Wyndham Vale are boycotting the school in protest of the alleged lack of safety at the school. This follows an incident last Thursday 2nd March, where a student pulled out a knife and brandished it on school grounds.

A video of the incident has emerged and clearly shows a student armed with a large knife on the school grounds. One parent told Wyndham TV that “This happened Thursday with the plan to bring knives again on Friday and more threats to kids this week.”

Parents of the students are concerned that the college is refusing to admit that they are losing control of their students and failing to notify parents of serious incidents.

In a response to the incident, the school’s Executive Principal, Scott Dellar, sent a communique to parents in which he stated that the college’s critical incident plan had been actioned swiftly.

However, this has not been enough to convince the students, who remain too scared to return to school. One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “We feel that the school is not properly addressing our concerns. We want to protect our kids, but the school is not doing its part.”

Wyndham TV reached out to the school today to request a response from the principal but has yet to receive a response.

The principal has allegedly dismissed the issue, but the students are determined to make their voices heard. The boycott is taking place today, and it is likely to be well-attended. Parents and students alike are hoping that the school will take action to make the school a safe environment for all students.

Students sent messages to each other to organise a boycott

With the current rising unrest, parents are calling on the school to take the issue of school safety seriously and to address the needs of their students.

It remains to be seen how the school will respond to the student’s concerns and whether the boycott will have any effect. For now, it appears that the students are determined to make their voices heard and to ensure that their safety is taken seriously.

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