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Knife-Wielding Man Hinders Emergency Services.

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Firefighters were called to Oriole Drive in Werribee this morning 4th of February following reports a brick home was alight just after 6 am.

A witness at the scene said that firefighters were confronted by a male wielding a large kitchen knife upon arrival. 

Police arrived shortly after with pepper spray, tasers, and guns drawn in order to subdue the man.

Once subdued, FRV and CFA crews commenced an attack on the fire.

 Firefighters worked quickly to bring the blaze under control by just before 6:30am.

 The single-story residence was completely destroyed in the fire and crews remain on scene monitoring for remaining hot spots.

 There were five FRV units including a command unit on scene, with support from CFA.

 Firefighters believe the fire may have started under suspicious circumstances and the scene has been handed to Victoria Police.