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Labor’s Stronghold Continues in the West.

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Despite swings to the Liberal Party in Wyndham’s four electoral districts, Labor will retain its seats.

Tarneit shifted 5.5% to the Liberals on Monday afternoon, Laverton shifted 5% and Point Cook shifted 3.2%. The Labor party gained 1.7% in Werribee with 70.6% of votes counted.

In the race for the Werribee Labor seat, Tim Pallas obtained 14,792 first preference votes (45.4%).

“It’s a true honour to be re-elected as your local member, and I look forward to representing you in the Parliament of Victoria for another term,” Mr Pallas said.

“Your decision in this election will ensure that we keep doing what matters for this wonderful community.”

As of a first preference vote count, Mia Shaw was supported by 8433 voters (23.9 percent) and Jack Boddeke ,The Greens candidate, was supported by 2114 voters (6%).

With 68% of the votes counted, Mathew Hilakari won Point Cook’s seat with 12,657 votes (40.59%).

“Thank you to all the volunteers, friends, family and comrades and to everyone who donated their time to make sure that Labor is successful in Point Cook,” he said on Facebook.

“I’ll work hard to make sure our community gets the infrastructure and support that will make our community even better, and I’ll work hard for everyone across Point Cook.”

Liberal candidate Angela Newhouse received 7705 votes (24.7 per cent).

Among Tarneit’s first preference votes, Labor’s Dylan Wright garnered 20,026 (62.3%) while Liberal candidate Preet Singh received 12,104 (37.3%).

Electoral boundaries were redistributed in 2020-21, which resulted in Sarah Connolly transferring electorates from Tarneit to Laverton.

Taking two-party preferences into account, Ms Connolly received 15,530 votes (68.5%) while Liberal Raja Reddy scored 7166 votes (31.43%) with 50.5% of the votes counted.

“To everyone who voted for me, and those that did not, I won’t let you down,” her social media post promised.


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