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Labor’s Tim Pallas Accused of Assault in Werribee.

Tim Pallas Assault

Labor member for Werribee and Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas was involved in an altercation outside the early voting booths on Station Place in Werribee this morning at around 8.50am.

The altercation started when Mark Strother, a Freedom Party Candidate for Werribee, told Tim Pallas that it was unusual to see him in the area. “Why’s That? What’s the problem?” Pallas replied as he approached the camera getting up close and personal.

Pallas questioned why he was being filmed and allegedly attempted to grab the camera and was consequently accused of assault. Mr Strother is heard in the video saying, “That’s assault! You touched me, you tried to steal my camera.”

The altercation was recorded on video.

Mr Pallas walked away from the confrontation as further accusations were thrown at him.

A woman that appeared to be accompanying Pallas then asked Strother if he could please be courteous. Strother replied, “I am being courteous” and explained how he wasn’t breaking any laws filming in a public place and that the Treasurer is a public figure and needed to be accountable.

Strother then went on to say that Pallas was a cheat and a corrupt politician.

It is often claimed by some locals that Tim Pallas has no regard for his electorate since he lives in Williamstown rather than Werribee.