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Large Trucks Parking in Wyndham’s Suburban Streets.

trucks in street

Trucks used for freight and commercial services, pose a safety risk to residents, put pressure on road infrastructure and contribute to air and noise pollution when air brakes are used and when engines are left idling.

Wyndham City’s Community Safety portfolio holder Cr Susan McIntyre said Council took safety seriously and as such will continue to patrol hot spot areas.

“We appreciate the truck drivers have a business and a livelihood to maintain but they need to park legally, act responsibly and be considerate of neighbours – heavy and long trucks were not designed to be parked in residential streets,” Cr McIntyre said.

“Heavy and long vehicles can place the safety of residents at risk when they obscure the line of sight of drivers who back out of their driveways into street traffic, they also reduce visibility of children and adults who need to cross the street in front of the stationary trucks.”

“The trucks may also damage local road infrastructure due to weight and size. Road safety audits will be undertaken when necessary to consider if signage prohibiting truck parking is required in hot spot areas.”


“Drivers should consider ‘park and drive’ options to park their vehicle overnight at heavy and long vehicle, secure parking facilities. Drivers interested in these options should contact Council.”

Residents can report instances of heavy and long vehicles parked along residential streets via Council’s customer service portal https://wyndham.custhelp.com/, sending an email to mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au or by calling Customer Service on 1300 023 411.

When reporting please include the location and time of when the vehicle was parked to assist our officers in their investigations.

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