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Lawrie Emmins Reserve Set to Become Youth Recreation Hub

Lawrie Emmins Reserve

From left: Wyndham councillor Susan McIntyre, Laverton MP Sarah Connolly, Wyndham mayor Jennie Barrera and councillors Robert Szatkowski, Peter Maynard and Jasmine Hill.

Young people in Wyndham can anticipate exciting opportunities for recreation at the Lawrie Emmins Reserve Youth and Skate Facility. Works on the facility were officially initiated this week, with significant funding from the state government and Wyndham council.


The initiative, located in Laverton North within the sprawling Lawrie Emmins Reserve, aims to revitalize the area into a vibrant recreational hub. Once completed, the facility will cater to various activities such as skateboarding, scooter riding, BMX biking, and bouldering.

The development plan also includes the creation of outdoor courts for basketball, netball, and other sports. Additionally, amenities like shaded seating areas, BBQ facilities, picnic spots, well-maintained lawns, and public toilets will be provided.

Furthermore, the construction process will integrate service connection points for community events and performances. This will facilitate access for food trucks and ensure electricity availability for festivals and gatherings.

Lawrie Emmins Reserve image

This project holds particular significance for the youth and families residing in rapidly growing suburbs like Laverton North, Williams Landing, and Truganina. It promises to offer expansive recreational spaces suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Over the years, the Growing Suburbs Fund has been instrumental in funding numerous projects in Wyndham, totaling over $45 million. Looking ahead, the Victorian Government is allocating an additional $10 million in the upcoming budget to continue supporting critical infrastructure projects in Melbourne’s burgeoning neighbourhoods.

Acknowledgment is due to Wyndham City Council for its commitment to the initiative, including a significant financial contribution of $2.2 million.

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