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LEAKED: Wyndham Councillor Quits Over Complaint.


Wyndham city councillor Kim McAliney has resigned after eleven years of service from her position at Wyndham City Council effective immediately.

The announcement was made by CEO Kelly Grigsby  at the beginning of the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 2nd June.

CEO Kelly Grigsby makes the announcement at the Ordinary Council Meeting

A source within the council has told Wyndham TV that Kim had resigned due to an internal complaint regarding another councillor at a previous council meeting.

Wyndham TV was advised of the resignation earlier in the day and contacted the Wyndham City Council to confirm the resignation but no-one, including the councillors personal assistant was aware of the resignation at that stage.

 Kim served two terms as Mayor and two as Deputy Mayor and recently held the Safer Communities Portfolio, which covers perceptions of safety, justice, family violence, gender equity and emergency management.