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Leanne Down Appointed as New CEO of Committee for Wyndham

Leanne Down Committee for Wyndham

The Committee for Wyndham has officially announced the appointment of Leanne Down as the new Chief Executive Officer, a decision that Chair Craig Kennedy enthusiastically shared. Down’s outstanding qualifications and significant contributions to the community are cited as key reasons for her selection for this crucial role.


Leanne Down comes to the position with a notable background, particularly highlighted by her tenure as CEO of the Wyndham Health Foundation. There, she successfully navigated the organization through its expansion phases amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Her leadership is particularly commended for its resilience and dedication to the community during these challenging times.

In 2023, Down was honored with the Wyndham Citizen of the Year award, acknowledging her unwavering commitment and positive influence within the community. Her deep understanding of the local environment, combined with her proven experience in not-for-profit and member-based organizations, makes her an ideal fit for leading Wyndham towards a prosperous future.

Down is also praised for her visionary leadership and her ability to foster growth, innovation, and collaboration. Her approach to stakeholder management, marked by positivity and inclusiveness, aligns with the committee’s strategic planning framework.

Leanne Down is scheduled to begin her new role on April 8, 2024. The Committee for Wyndham expresses eager anticipation for her leadership and the collaborative endeavors that lie ahead.

In a heartfelt communication, Leanne Down expressed mixed emotions about leaving the Wyndham Health Foundation, where she served for four years. She extended her gratitude to all members of the foundation for their support and dedication to healthcare in Wyndham. Down highlighted the valuable relationships and partnerships she developed during her tenure, emphasizing the collective impact on the community’s health and well-being.

Down’s departure from the Foundation will be on March 28, paving the way for her to embrace new opportunities. She leaves behind a legacy of passion and dedication, confident in the foundation’s continued success under new leadership. Her gratitude extends to all supporters, whose generosity and commitment have been pivotal in the foundation’s achievements.

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