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Liberals Making In Roads to the West with Massive $1.5B Plan.


Liberal Leader Matt Guy has today promised a massive $1.5 Billion in funding for road projects in Wyndham and the greater Western area of Melbourne, saying, “We will deliver the local roads Melbourne’s West deserves”.

The list of roads that include Point Cook, Wyndham Vale and Tarneit are known pain points for Wyndham residents.

Preet Singh, Liberal Member for Tarneit said, “This is massive news for Tarneit residents, our roads have been neglected for a number of years and an LNP government will invest in the much-needed road upgrades.”

Funding for some of the ‘pain point’ roads in Wyndham

$146 million to duplicate Point Cook Road between Central Avenue and Sneydes Road.

$64 million to complete Sayers Road duplication between Morris Road and Davis Road.

$82 million to duplicate Leakes Road between Derrimut Road and Davis Road.

$87 million to duplicate Ballan Road between Armstrong Road and Bolton Road.


What some residents had to say

Robert Bacic said, “Our roads have never looked so poor, good to hear of the investment.”

Sapphira Montgomery said, “I will believe it when I see it. We have been neglected for so long out here its not funny.


Matt Guy has been present many times in the Wyndham area.

Other funding is also promised for the following areas in the West:

$231 million to construct a Bulla Bypassbetween Bulla-Diggers Rest Road and Somerton Road.

$91 million to duplicate Taylors Road between Kings Road to Gourlay Road.

$700 million to upgrade Western Highway to urban freeway standard between the Western Ring Road and Melton.

$117 million to duplicate the Melton Highway between Melton and Hillside.