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Libraries Go Digital: Wyndham City Unveils Smart Solution for Bookworms!

Wyndham Digital Library Card

Wyndham City Libraries are excited to announce the launch of digital membership cards, available in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, for both new and existing library members.

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According to Cr Jasmine Hill, Wyndham City’s Learning City portfolio holder, new library members will now receive a digital membership card directly downloaded to their Apple or Google Wallet.

This digital card replaces the need for a physical card, offering greater convenience while being environmentally friendly. Existing customers who prefer physical cards can still use them, but they will also have the option to install their library card in the digital wallet through various methods.

Cr Hill emphasized that these digital memberships will streamline the library experience, reducing the risk of losing a library card and making it easier to borrow items. This initiative enables customers to fully access library services while improving efficiency.

Additionally, the Libraries Victoria App allows users to store their library card on their phones. The app provides various features such as searching the library catalog, placing item holds, viewing checked-out items, booking computers, and more.

In other positive news for Wyndham readers, Cr Hill stated that Public Libraries Victoria has resumed inter-library loans by reinstating courier services between libraries since May 1, 2023. This means Wyndham residents can once again access items from libraries across Victoria through their local library, promoting greater utilization of the Wyndham collection by residents from other areas.

Australia Post is the new vendor for the courier service, employing Decipha and Star Track for sorting, dispatching, collection, and delivery logistics. Both Decipha and Star Track are fully owned by Australia Post.

The cost of the courier service is covered entirely by the State Government through Public Libraries Victoria, ensuring that the inter-library loans service operates at no expense to Wyndham City Council or its residents. For further information, please visit: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/libraries

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