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‘LIT’ is Set to Return to Wyndham.

Let returns to wyndham

LIT attracted more than 28,000 people to the City when it was held between 25 February – 6 March this year.

Families flocked to Wyndham Park in Werribee City Centre which was transformed each night with trees drenched in colour, glowing native creatures and illuminated works that celebrated the natural beauty of the parklands.

The immersive, light-based experience LIT, is set to return in 2023.

This signature event will form part of a refreshed calendar of community events that will include a number of other events to be announced later this year.

The new programming captures the post-lockdown call for events where the community can come together to celebrate more often.

Wyndham City’s Creative City portfolio holder Cr Marcel Mahfoud, said there was an appetite for new events and opportunities to celebrate.

“In addition to LIT we will be delivering new, major arts and cultural events designed for all ages to enjoy and that celebrate what makes our region so special,” Cr Mahfoud said.

“Our audience told us that they love LIT. Many people attended multiple times and found new things that surprised and delighted them on each visit.”

“LIT also helped support our evening economy and local businesses, many of whom were hit hard over the last couple of years.”

Due to the impact of COVID-19 during the last two years, Wyndham City has reviewed its events calendar to include a reimagined program, which kicked off last month with our successful Pet Adoption Day, which resulted in more than 60 pets to find new homes.

“Good pet ownership remains important to us and we will continue to focus on pet education and rehousing activities such as the recent, popular pet adoption day,” Cr Mahfoud said.

“Due to the pandemic, we now have the opportunity to reimagine a new series of events that meet the expectations of our growing community.”

Further announcements about Wyndham City’s new events calendar will be made when details are finalised.

For further information, visit: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au