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Living Your Best Life in Wyndham.

best life wyndham

Image: Wyndham City


A document will guide how Wyndham City approaches service delivery, it acknowledges the challenges in a growing community, barriers individuals may face in accessing services and the need to work together with local and other service providers.

The draft, known in full as: Living Your Best Life In Wyndham: A Lifecourse Framework To Support Our Community Through All Of Life’s Stages’, was developed following a three-month community engagement process including feedback from 121 survey respondents and 500 place-based community sessions.

The Lifecourse Framework embodies a seamless approach to service planning that’s designed to meet the needs of the community at all stages from children in their early years to youth and older people. The Framework:

  • facilitates collaboration between Wyndham City’s service functions as well as those delivered by other organisations
  • promotes smoother transitions between services as individuals move through different life stages
  • gives our community more influence over what services are provided and how they’re delivered
  • empowers our community by facilitating and supporting community-led initiatives.

Mayor Cr Peter Maynard welcomed the Framework acknowledging that Council and its service delivery partners needed to work together to meet challenges.

“The impact of COVID-19 continues to require us to respond with flexibility in how we respond to the needs of our community and how we work with organisations to meet those needs,” he said.

“It also highlights that we need to understand and respond to the barriers that our community faces in accessing services – this approach helps us provide opportunities that give our residents scope to live their best life.”

Councillor Adele Hegedich as Council’s Healthy City portfolio holder said the Framework aimed to empower the community. “By ensuring our community has access to opportunities that empower them in the areas of health, education, finance as well as appropriate social opportunities we will be creating a resilient community that can adapt to our changing times,” she said.

For more information https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/Best-Life-Wyndham