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Local Art Exhibition Explores Gender and Identity

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Image: Gideon Wilonja


Wyndham Art Gallery will host a unique art exhibition featuring non-binary and LGBTIQIA+ artists next month.

‘FLUID’ is a new exhibition at the Wyndham Art Gallery which explores gender and identities that exist outside of male and female binaries that centre on LGBTQI+ people’s experiences, running from 18 March until 25 April.

The exhibition is part of the city’s inclusion in the Midsumma Festival which also includes the annual ‘PARK LIFE’ event on Sunday, 1 May.

‘FLUID’ centres nonbinary and LGBTIQIA+ artists, including Indigenous and BIPOC artists.

Artists featured include Ophelia Bakowski, Nathan Beard, Ebony Hickey, James Lemon, Brooke Van Der Linden, Daniel R Marks, Gideon Wilonja and Paul Yore.

Creative City Portfolio Holder, Cr Marcel Mahfoud said the exhibition highlights stories from established artists and emerging Wyndham creatives.

“I am pleased that this strong, vibrant and challenging exhibition highlights stories from established artists including Paul Yore as well as emerging artists living and practicing right here amongst our own community, such as Gideon Wilonja.”

“Our program at Wyndham Art Gallery has a unique role to play in telling stories and celebrating perspectives that support the ongoing creation of an inclusive and diverse community.”


“As a City being built and continually imagined Wyndham is in a unique position to bring into the foreground the voices and stories that have historically been foreshadowed or who have been discriminated against, and continue to work towards a City where difference is celebrated.”

“Art exhibitions and art experiences are collaborative initiatives which help to make Wyndham a more vibrant and liveable place.”

“The vision for Wyndham’s future values the role of culture and art to share stories that challenge and inspire and features as a key theme throughout the Wyndham Community Plan, Wyndham 2040.”

Featured artist, Brooke Van Der Lindens added: “Each artist in this exhibition identifies as gender fluid and their work is an expression of who they are.”

“In considering their work we can contemplate both the challenges that people face in  being categorized as well as celebrate the possibility of a world in which we are all free to be whoever and whatever we choose, a flexibility that we could all do well to embrace in these uncertain times.”

FLUID will be available as a gallery exhibition to view and experience at Wyndham Art Gallery as well as a video tour available online led by Co-curator and Artist Lola Mae Pink

The exhibition includes a content warning for graphic and explicit images. To find out more, go to: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/fluid

Exhibition Event:

 31 March 6.30-8pm,

Join Artist and Curator Lola-Mae Pink, as she engages with artists Gideon Wilonja and Ebony Hickey from FLUID, about their work and the ideas behind the exhibition: