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Locals Accuse Council of Stealing a Resident’s Project Idea.

faces of wyndham banner

A huge storm is brewing in the community regarding the announcement of a new project that Wyndham City Council is working on called ‘Humans of Wyndham’.

One of the portraits in the Faces of Wyndham project.

In a video released today where all councilors and CEO Kelly Grigsby spoke of our diverse cultures, they announced that the project would include profiles of Wyndham residents, what they love about Wyndham and the contribution they have made in Wyndham.

Locals are saying it’s a copy of Mr. Mullins’ work.

Locals are outraged as they say it is a direct copy of the work that local resident David Mullins has been working on over the last year and has received no public recognition or backing from council.

Councils should be backing up a resident, instead of stealing his idea.

David’s project which is well known as ‘Faces of Wyndham’  is profiling residents from all the diverse nations that live in Wyndham, and includes magnificently captured photos and a background history of each participant. 

The video released by council today.