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Locals Rescue Dog and Jet-Ski from Burning House

Dog saved from house fire

House Fire Erupts on Rosslare Court in Hoppers Crossing; Dog Rescued Amidst the Blaze

A house fire broke out earlier today on Rosslare Court in Hoppers Crossing around 12:35 pm, drawing a rapid response from fire services and local police.

The fire, which appeared to have started toward the rear half of the house, caused significant damage to that area but did not completely engulf the entire property. Firefighters were able to contain the blaze, preventing it from spreading further.

The incident was initially reported by a neighbor who promptly called 000, alerting authorities to the emergency. Firefighters and police arrived promptly to assess the situation and ensure the safety of the neighborhood.

House Fire Rosslare Ct

A witness at the scene said that two local residents bravely entered the burning house to check for any occupants. Fortunately, no one was found inside. They also managed to rescue a dog from the yard and neighbours promptly provided it with food and water. Additionally, they saved a jet-ski from the flames.

As the investigation into the fire’s cause continues, it appears that no one was at home when the fire broke out. The authorities will work to determine the exact cause of the incident and assess the extent of the damage.

This incident underscores the importance of quick responses from both emergency services and compassionate neighbours during times of crisis. The residents of Rosslare Court can be grateful for the support of their community in this challenging situation.

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