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Locals Struggle to Recover the Cost of ICC T20 Cricket Tickets After India’s Loss.

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There has been a huge and sudden surge of tickets to the T20 World Cup on community buy, swap and sell pages.

It is speculated that many supporters of the Indian team purchased tickets early in the season, assuming India would make it to the final match.

On Friday, England crushed India by 10 wickets to reach the T20 World Cup Final, which will now be between England and Pakistan.

Oversupply and lack of demand are seeing the value of these tickets drop drastically, with most not getting their original purchase amount back, and selling at a loss.

The T20 World Cup will be held in Melbourne at the MCG tonight, Sunday 13th of November, at 7 PM.

A Seven Sports spokesperson said, “The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting between 15-25mm of rain on Sunday with the chance of possibly severe thunderstorms”, casting a spectre of doubt over whether the play will even get underway.

People who bought the original ticket may be eligible for a full ticket refund if the weather cancels the event. Terms and conditions state: “You will be eligible for a refund of 100% of the Ticket Value if, less than 9.5 overs are completed in the match, and no result is recorded.”

People that have purchased tickets via Facebook may feel ripped off if this happens.