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Look out for Meteor Showers Tonight!

meteor showers scaled

In the next three nights, Australians are set to be able to witness three colourful meteor showers.

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From Thursday, July 28 until Sunday, July 31 is expected to be the peak of three meteor showers over the night sky, and Australians are expected to have the highest chance at seeing the showers since they will be best visible from the Southern Hemisphere.

A new moon’s dark sky will be the perfect time for the peak of these three showers, which are likely to produce 35 meteors per hour at their peak, commonly lasting up to 48 hours.

Piscis Austrinid meteor shower was expected to peak last night although it was not visible due to cloud cover, while Alpha Capricornid and Delta Aquariid meteor showers will peak on Saturday and Sunday.

The spectacular light shows are expected to originate from the same area of the night sky.

Alpha Capricornids have the potential to produce very bright ‘fireball’ meteors that appear to fall slowly across the sky during this shower.

Scientists believe it originated from comet 169P-NEAT, which split around 3000 years ago from a different comet.