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MacKillop College Announces New Campus in Wyndham Vale

MacKillop Wyndham Vale

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In a significant development for educational opportunities in Wyndham Vale, MacKillop College has announced plans to open a third campus by 2027. This expansion comes as a response to the increasing demand for Catholic education in the Parish of Werribee, highlighted by the Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS), the governing authority for the school.


Earlier this year, MACS approached MacKillop College with a proposal to develop a new Kindergarten to Year 12 (K-12) campus as part of the Jubilee Estate on Ballan Road. The decision was endorsed after careful consideration by the college’s leadership team and the School Advisory Council, following a directive from the MACS Board and the Archbishop of Melbourne.

The new campus will address multiple challenges, including staffing and resourcing, crucial for managing the expansion from a school of 1,730 students to a projected enrolment of over 3,000 across three campuses. The college is also deliberating the structural model of the new campus, which could vary from K-9, K-10, to K-12, ensuring it aligns with their long-term educational and organizational goals.

Chris Caldow, Principal of MacKillop College, expressed enthusiasm about the project, stating, “With Wyndham Vale being the fastest-growing residential area in Australia, there is a genuine need to cater to the students entering the area. Combined with our Catholic ethos to bring the Word of God to as many people as possible, this is a challenge we as a College feel called to embrace.”

The college plans to commence kindergarten classes at the new campus in 2027, with primary and Year 7 classes to follow in 2028. Mr. Caldow invites the community to join in this exciting chapter and encourages those with inquiries or concerns to reach out to the college.

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