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Man Allegedly Attempts to Stab Security Guards with Scissors at Pacific Werribee

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Intoxicated Man with Outstanding Warrants Arrested Outside Shopping Centre After Terrifying Incident

In a startling incident today at the Pacific Werribee shopping centre in Hoppers Crossing, a man allegedly attempted to stab security guards with a pair of scissors before being disarmed. The confrontation occurred around 1:30 PM, causing a brief panic among shoppers.

According to eyewitness accounts, the man wielded a pair of scissors and approached the security personnel in a threatening manner. One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, described the scene: “I could see the scissors. He tried to stab the security, and one of them managed to disarm him and grab the scissors off of him. Once the man noticed people calling police, the man bolted.”

Security confronts man with scissors

The quick response of the security team averted potential injuries, as they successfully disarmed the assailant before he could harm anyone. As bystanders called the authorities, the man fled the scene. Police arrived promptly and apprehended the suspect outside the shopping centre on Derrimut Road.


Upon his arrest, officers searched a backpack and a brown bag in the suspect’s possession. Police confirmed that the man was intoxicated at the time of the incident and had outstanding warrants. The items found in the bags were taken for further investigation.

Remarkably, no injuries were reported during the incident, thanks to the swift actions of the security guards and the timely response of the police. The shopping centre resumed normal operations shortly after the man was taken into custody.

Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.

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