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Man Pleads Guilty to Bringing Loaded Rifle to Street Fight, Causing Lockdown at Primary School

Jackson Delmo

Jackson Delmo claims mental health and a troubled childhood influenced his decision-making.

A man, named Jackson Delmo, admitted in court via video link to several charges, including possession of prohibited weapons, assault, possessing ammunition, and committing offences while on bail.

Delmo, 24, caused a primary school to lockdown after bringing a loaded sawn-off rifle to a street fight on Bellbridge Drive. During the altercation, which took place in broad daylight in Hoppers Crossing, Delmo and another individual entered a milk bar and were confronted by two other men.

A verbal argument ensued and turned physical at the store entrance. In an attempt to “defuse” the situation, Delmo retrieved a black satchel containing the sawn-off rifle from his car and used it to threaten the two men.

Witnesses observed the incident, and the police were notified, prompting a nearby primary school to be locked down as a precaution. Delmo was eventually apprehended by the authorities two hours later.

Bellbridge Drive gun search
Other weapons were found at the property

A subsequent search of his residence revealed additional weapons, including an imitation firearm, a taser, a Glock handgun, rounds of ammunition, and an extendible baton.

Delmo’s lawyer argued that his client’s actions were influenced by his mental health issues, which stemmed from a troubled childhood characterized by family violence and drug addiction.

The judge, however, remained unconvinced, highlighting that Delmo could have chosen a different course of action to resolve the conflict.

The court also learned that Delmo’s offending behaviour escalated following a relationship breakdown and a period of homelessness.

The judge expressed concern over Delmo’s possession of weapons, particularly the Glock handgun, given his prior involvement in drug trafficking.

Sentencing will take place on Wednesday, June 21, with considerations of specific and general deterrence in mind. In the meantime, Delmo will be held in Fulham prison.

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