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VIDEO: Matthew Guy Ushered Away During Ugly Protest Scenes.

Police and protester2

Protesters and patrons clashed outside Hotel 520 on Sayers Road, where a dinner hosted by Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party was held this evening.

The opposition leader Matthew Guy attended the dinner along with Moira Deeming, their pre-selected candidate, and many invited guests. Endorsed Liberal Party candidate Preet Singh was not at the event.

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Following the scuffle outside, police were called, and organizers escorted Matthew Guy from the event.

The Victorian Socialist Party commenced their protest using a hand-held megaphone chanting slogans laced with profanities on Sayers Road directly outside the hotel at around 6.00pm.

Wyndham TV livestream (above): The group shouted profanities outside the venue.

The group of around 25 protesters then made their way to the hotel’s front door with large banners that read “TRANS RIGHTS NOW!” and “MAKE ABORTION FREE, SAFE, AND ON DEMAND!” 

A photographer capturing the protest against the Liberal Party was accused of getting too close to patrons’ cars before a heated argument broke out.

Following the attempts by a patron to grab the photographer’s camera, protesters, hotel staff, and patrons began shoving and pushing each other outside.

Liz Walsh of the Victorian Socialist Party, who wishes to be elected to Victorian Parliament, stood outside with a megaphone shouting “F**k The Liberals” over and over.

Liz Walsh of the Victorian Socialist Party

While Liz Walsh was asked not to swear since small children were around, she replied, “I’m sure she’s heard it all before”. A girl believed to be five entered the hotel with her parents.

Police and patrons at the scene described the protesters’ behaviour as ‘uncalled for’ and ‘disgusting’. 

A request was made by police for the protesters to leave the hotel and to cease using foul language. 

The protesters left the area at 7.30 pm.