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Meet Natalie. Wyndham City’s New Acting CEO.

Acting CEO Natalie Walker

Wyndham Council has appointed Natalie Walker to the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Ms Walker, currently Wyndham City’s Director, Strategy and Policy Impact, will take up the position on Monday, 26 April. She takes over from Chief Executive Kelly Grigsby, who has accepted a role as Chief Executive of Hobart City Council.

Wyndham Council has appointed Davidson Recruitment to assist with the recruitment of a permanent CEO for Wyndham.

Wyndham Mayor Cr Adele Hegedich said: “Since the start of our new Council term, Natalie has spent considerable time assisting Council to develop our new Council Plan and refresh Wyndham 2040, which are critical requirements for us under the new Local Government Act.”

“Natalie also brings over 25 years of local government experience to the role. Councillors are looking forward to working with Natalie in the coming months on a number of significant projects we need to complete as a newly-formed Council.”

“We are confident that Natalie will support both Councillors and staff through the transition and assist a newly appointed CEO to settle into the role.”

Ms Walker is an urban planner and has been highly successful in executive leadership roles across a range of Councils, with strong experience and expertise in advocacy, growth area planning, service delivery and infrastructure.

“These are all qualifications that make Natalie a great appointment for Wyndham City over the next few months,” Cr Hegedich said.


Ms Walker said: “I am honoured to be appointed to the Acting Chief Executive role and I am looking forward to working with the elected Councillors and our dedicated staff over the coming months to help deliver the services and infrastructure our growing community needs and wants.”

Ms Walker holds a Master of Policy and Human Services and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Planning) from RMIT University.