Meet Wyndham’s Young Person of the Month!

Wyndham City is proud to announce Shane Nicole Villegas as its One Wyndham recipient for March.

Shane is passionate about supporting others, especially those in need and vulnerable that are doing it tough, to help create a better society.

Shane has been volunteering in a range of community settings and easily connects with all different people and situations. 

Wyndham Mayor Cr Peter Maynard said: “Shane has shown kindness, empathy and support to those in vulnerable situations and takes the time to walk in others shoes by listening and offering support.”

“Shane has worked extensively to support those less fortunate in our community.”

“Wyndham City appreciates Shane’s contribution to our community by supporting others and raising awareness of those in need.“

Shane initiated and established the Thomas Carr College St Vinnies, in 2016 and continues to volunteer through raising funds and awareness for the Catholic Aboriginal Ministry of Victoria’s Opening the Doors Foundation which provides financial aid to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families experiencing educational disadvantage. Shane also volunteers at the Hoppers Crossing Op Shop.

Shane was recently awarded the Helen Handbury Leadership Award in 2021. The Award is an initiative of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and is awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the area of community service.

Shane said: “Supporting people in our community through listening, building trust, showing kindness is so important.”

One Wyndham recipients are residents aged between 12 and 25 who positively contribute to the Wyndham community and are role models to other young people.

Each month Council selects a Wyndham resident to be awarded the ‘Young Person of the Month’.

Winners are awarded a $200 gift voucher of their choice and other prizes.

For more information about Youth Services One Wyndham Project go to: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youth-services/awards-competitions/one-wyndham