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Meet Wyndham’s Young Person of the Month.

One Wyndham May

Ms. Mahammed is a passionate advocate for inclusion and wants to make Wyndham a more inclusive space for young people from migrant backgrounds.

Ms Mahammed aims to increase young people’s access to opportunities and resources; particularly volunteer and scholarship options and that’s why she created an online platform to ease the anxiety and stress for young people in the western suburbs entering young adulthood.

In 2021, Ikram participated in the Wyndham City and Brimbank Young Innovators Program and won third place – $1,000 to spend on the next phase of her project  ‘The Beginning Project’.

The Beginning Project’ is a tool that brings young people, youth workers and funding bodies together, in a one-stop shop to help young people connect and expand their opportunities.

Ikram is currently studying her third year of a Bachelor of Public Health, specialising in health promotion and is also completing a Youth Traineeship with the Centre for Multicultural Youth, which involves planning and delivering programs catering to young multicultural women and expanding their experiences in leadership and governance.


Wyndham Mayor Cr Peter Maynard said: “Ikram Mahammed is a positive role model and makes an important contribution to the Wyndham community through her passion and determination to increase young people’s opportunities.”

“Wyndham City appreciates Ikram’s contribution to creating an inclusive community.”

“Ikram Mahammed comes from a diverse background and understands the issues experienced by refugee and migrant young people.”

Ms Mahammed said: “As a young person myself, I feel like I have the responsibility to help change this ‘norm’ and create an inclusive society where all multicultural youth are accepted and championed in their lives.”

She aspires for a Wyndham with better access to opportunities for young people who need guidance and support.

One Wyndham recipients are residents aged between 12 and 25 who positively contribute to the Wyndham community and are role models to other young people.

Each month Council selects a Wyndham resident to be awarded the ‘Young Person of the Month’.

Winners are awarded a $200 gift voucher of their choice and other prizes.

For more information about Youth Services One Wyndham Project go to: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youth-services/awards-competitions/one-wyndham