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Meet Wyndham’s Young Person of the Month – January

Young person of January

Eijaz and Zaki are passionate about soccer and dedicated to coaching West Point Soccer Club Under 7’s Soccer team. They train the Under 7’s team every week and coach the team on game days.

As leaders, they focus on bringing out the best in young players and developing their skills, techniques, fitness levels and potential.

The brothers build and instil confidence and self-esteem in the young players to nurture their emotional development.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre said: “Eijaz and Zaki are wonderful role models at Westpoint Soccer Club. They are inspirational, dedicated and passionate.”

“Eijaz and Zaki are committed to helping junior soccer players develop skills and be the best they can be.”

“The brothers volunteer their time to coach and train the younger players.”

“Wyndham City thanks and appreciates the contribution brothers Eijaz and Zaki have made and continue to make to the Westpoint Soccer Club and our community.”

One Wyndham recipients are residents aged between 12 and 25 who positively contribute to the Wyndham community and are role models to other young people.

Each month Council selects a Wyndham resident to be awarded the ‘Young Person of the Month’.

Winners are awarded a $300 gift voucher of their choice and other prizes.

For more information about Youth Services One Wyndham Project, go to: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youth-services/awards-competitions/one-wyndham


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