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Meet Wyndham’s Young Person of the Month – March

One Wyndham Recipient March

Wyndham City is delighted to present Murad Mamiyo with the One Wyndham March Award.

He has been an enthusiastic volunteer with the Wyndham Bright Young Leaders program for three years, inspiring and motivating many young people to join.

Through his dedication, Murad has gained confidence and honed his public speaking and event organisation skills. Murad is passionate about being an active member of the Wyndham community, meeting new people and listening to their stories.

His goal is to become a professional soccer player and later a judge.

Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre commented:Murad is a remarkable role model. His commitment to volunteering has made a positive impact on many young people. His dedication has enabled him to grow in public speaking, making him a confident MC. Wyndham City is very appreciative of Murads contributions to the city.

The One Wyndham Project recognises and rewards Wyndham residents aged 1225 who contribute to the community and serve as role models to other young people. Each month, the recipient receives a $300 gift voucher of their choice and other rewards.

To find out more about the program, visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youthservices/awardscompetitions/onewyndham.

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