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Meet Your New Council!

New council

The Victorian Electoral Commission has released the results of the 2020 council elections and although an official declaration of results is still not in it looks like we have chosen our new councilors.

Four of the previous councilors have been re-elected, namely Heather Marchus, Josh Gilligan, Peter Maynard, and Mia Shaw.

Josh Gilligan received the highest percentage of votes with 9,481 counted, giving him 24.62% of the votes for Chaffey.

Susan McIntyre, who ran for her first time,  was voted into Harrison Ward by 7,301 voters giving her 19.10% of the votes.

Mia Shaw was re-elected with 5,670 votes being the highest share for Iramoo at 18.44%.

There will be an official swearing-in at an Oath of Office meeting on November 23rd with a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor being elected as well.

The numbers were provided by a computer count and deemed the following candidates to be successful by proportional representation: