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Melbourne Man Pleads Guilty to Dangerous Driving in Wyndham Vale Incident

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A Melbourne resident, Paul Ager, 50, has pleaded guilty at Sunshine Magistrates’ Court to driving dangerously on Armstrong Rd, Wyndham Vale. Dashcam footage reveals the moment two cars attempted to overtake a third on a road in the western suburbs before colliding, with one speeding off at 120km/h. Ager, who was driving significantly over the speed limit, attributed his actions to a previous road rage incident, the court was informed.

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Last month, Ager admitted to the dangerous driving charge stemming from an event last year in Wyndham Vale. On June 23, at the intersection of Black Forest and Armstrong roads, Ager and another vehicle accelerated from the traffic lights. The dashcam video, submitted by Ager to the police, captured both drivers moving towards a merge point and attempting to overtake, resulting in a minor collision.

Following the incident, Ager’s vehicle was seen speeding up to 120km/h in a 40km/h zone, veering onto a grass island. An expletive can be heard from inside Ager’s vehicle as it races away.

During the sentencing on April 15, Ager’s lawyer argued for a significant reduction in his sentence, noting that Ager had provided the dashcam footage which was crucial for the prosecution. The police were alerted to the incident after the other driver reported damage to their vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle is also facing charges related to the incident.

Ager expressed remorse and embarrassment for his actions, which his lawyer described as brief and not prolonged. Magistrate Cynthia Lynch acknowledged that while Ager’s actions were reckless and dangerously impulsive, they were a reaction to past road rage experiences and not typical hooning behaviour, which is often associated with such charges. Ager, with no significant prior offences in over 30 years, had completed a road trauma course and submitted a letter of remorse to the court. He received familial support during the hearing.

Magistrate Lynch described Ager’s behaviour as foolish and objectively dangerous but decided against a conviction, instead disqualifying his licence for 12 months and placing him on an adjourned undertaking for the same period. The other involved driver is scheduled for a court appearance on August 8 at Werribee Magistrates’ Court.

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