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Mixed Reactions as Polarizing Figure Daniel Andrews Resigns as Victorian Premier

Daniel Corona

Some Celebrate his Departure, Rembering Harsh Lockdown Measures and Police Brutality.

Daniel Andrews, the long-serving Victorian premier, has announced his resignation, ending his nearly nine-year tenure in office. The announcement, made at a sudden press conference outside parliament today, comes after prolonged speculation about his future. Andrews, joined by his wife Catherine and their sons, Noah and Joseph, stated that he would step down as both premier and the member for Mulgrave, with the resignation taking effect at 5pm the following day.

While reflecting on his time in office, Andrews acknowledged the honour of serving as premier and the privilege of meeting and listening to countless people from various backgrounds and viewpoints. Despite the accolades he received from some quarters, it’s essential to note that he was also one of the most polarizing premiers in years. Many citizens strongly criticized him for his handling of harsh lockdowns and alleged mistreatment of citizens by the Victoria Police Force under his directives.

Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister, praised Andrews for his deep conviction, compassion, and determination during his tenure. He emphasized Andrews’ legacy in areas such as education, health, infrastructure, and housing, particularly commending his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrews disclosed that Labor MPs would convene to choose his successor as party leader and premier, with his deputy, Jacinta Allan, widely considered a frontrunner for the role. He emphasized that the decision would be made by the caucus.

The outgoing premier explained that he decided to leave politics after releasing the government’s housing statement, recognizing that it might be his last significant reform in office. He emphasized the importance of not resenting the job and expressed his desire to spend more time with his family, play golf, and catch up on reading.

Daniel Andrews was first elected to parliament in 2002 and served in various ministerial roles before becoming the state’s Labor leader in 2010 and premier in 2014. His resignation marks the end of an era in Victorian politics, leaving behind a mixed legacy defined by both achievements and controversies, particularly relating to his handling of the pandemic and lockdown measures.

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