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Morning Mayhem: Wyndham Vale Station Parking Nightmare Risks Lives

Parking near Wyndham Vale Station

Residents living near Wyndham Vale station are sounding the alarm over ongoing traffic congestion and rampant illegal parking along Cumbrian Road in Manor Lakes, warning that the situation could lead to severe accidents or impede emergency responses.


Morning traffic jams have become a frustrating daily occurrence as commuters rush to catch V-line services into the city. The narrow road has been overwhelmed by vehicles parked illegally on footpaths, grasslands, and even double-parked. This has created a bottleneck, reducing the street to effectively a single lane, causing frequent standstills and dangerous conditions.

Grant Burton, a local resident and security worker, expressed his concerns about the hazardous traffic conditions. “There’s cars parked on footpaths, there’s cars parked on grassland, there’s cars double-parked, parked the wrong way, you name it,” he said. Despite available parking just 200 meters away, motorists prefer the convenience of parking closer to the station, leading to gridlock and risky maneuvers.

Cars parked on Cumbrian Road

“You’ve got two-way traffic trying to get through a single lane at best, so you’re getting cars stuck halfway in the middle,” Burton explained. “I’ve probably on 10 occasions, gone halfway down and then had to reverse back because the person coming at me doesn’t know how to reverse.”

Burton also highlighted the dire implications for emergency vehicle access. “A fire truck wouldn’t need a turning circle of more than that space given so it would not be able to get through. It wouldn’t be impossible to get through. An ambulance, same thing. The turning circle for an ambulance with a car right on your hard left, hard right, and straight in front of you, no paramedic would be able to turn the wheel on that angle in sufficient time to get through without cleaning up 10 mirrors and then they would have to stop because they hit a car.”

In 2023, the government opened an additional parking area intended to ease the congestion, but its distance from the station is so significant that a bus is almost required to reach the station from there. This has not deterred motorists from opting to park closer to the station, despite the availability of this new lot.

In response to the escalating problem, Wyndham Council has acknowledged the severity of the situation and is taking proactive steps to mitigate the risks. “Wyndham City is in the process of installing eight No Standing signs and poles along Cumbrian Road. The works will be completed over the coming weeks,” a council spokesperson stated. They also issued a stern warning to commuters, emphasizing that the city’s enforcement team has been actively patrolling the area and taking action against those parking illegally. This includes vehicles parked within 10 meters of an intersection, within three meters of a solid white line, and vehicles facing the wrong direction.

As Wyndham City moves forward with these measures, residents like Burton remain hopeful that these changes will restore safety and order to their streets, preventing potential tragedies before they occur.

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