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New $350K Toilet Block OUT OF ORDER

Toilet block at Hoppers out of order copy

Major works and local road upgrades are now complete as part of the level crossing removal in Hoppers Crossing, but there’s something else that just isn’t flowing right.

As part of the new precinct, there are upgraded car parks, a new toilet block, newly landscaped plazas, a bike parking area with secure storage, a commuter drop-off area, seating and drink fountains.

But don’t drink too much from those fountains because the recently completed ‘state of the art’ $350,000 toilet block is OUT OF ORDER.

That’s right, not just one, but all four toilets are not taking deposits right now.

Building a new toilet block was definitely a ‘solid’ idea at the time but now it seems to be ‘running behind’.

This type of toilet block is touted as being substantially more vandal resistant than conventional public toilets.  

Although you will be happy to know that a work order has been ‘logged’ but the reasons behind the closure have not been mentioned.

One angry resident said, “When things are built, it needs to be good right from the start, not opening and then having to close or do maintenance straight away. Very much the same story with roads across Tarneit. Council and state govt. need to be getting this right”.

Member for Tarneit, Preet Singh said, “Disheartening that the newly opened $350,000 accessible toilets at Hoppers Station are OUT of ORDER within a few days of opening. State government and Wyndham council should ensure the taxpayer’s funds are spent wisely and not wasted.”

We’re all just busting to find out how long this will take to fix.

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