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New $4.5 Million Mossfiel Integrated Family Centre Coming to Hoppers Crossing in 2024

Mossfiel family centre

A modular Kindergarten


Revolutionizing Early Years Services with Innovative Modular Facilities for Hoppers Crossing Families

A brand-new Integrated Family Centre (IFC) worth $4.5 million is set to become a part of Hoppers Crossing. Scheduled to open its doors in 2024, the Mossfiel IFC will comprise three kindergarten rooms, a spacious outdoor play area, two consulting rooms for Maternal and Child Health and Allied Health Services, along various other early service amenities.

This centre will take the place of the former Mossfiel Kindergarten and Hoppers Crossing Children’s Centre, consolidating essential early years services for Hoppers Crossing families under one roof.

The project has already kicked off with the demolition of the Hoppers Crossing Children’s Centre. In February 2024, the centre will start welcoming children and families for three and four-year-old kindergarten programs.


Councillor Josh Gilligan, who oversees Wyndham City’s City Design portfolio, expressed the necessity of this upgrade, stating that it will significantly increase the kindergarten’s capacity and relocate key services to a more suitable location.

He emphasized that this $4.5 million endeavour will replace two aging early years centres with a purpose-built facility that brings together kindergarten, Maternal and Child Health, and playgroups at the former Hoppers Crossing Children’s Centre site. This initiative aligns with the Victorian Government’s reforms for three-year-old and four-year-old kindergartens, addressing the projected demand for expanded services.

The project is a joint effort, with funding provided by both the Department of Education and Wyndham City. Councillor Gilligan revealed that the Mossfiel IFC is part of a $47 million Kindergarten Infrastructure and Service Plan collaboration between the Council and the Department of Education to enhance early years infrastructure. He expressed gratitude to the Victorian Government for investing in the expansion of early years infrastructure throughout Wyndham.

The new building will be delivered by the Victorian School Building Authority in the form of a modular structure. This approach involves constructing the building off-site in sections or modules, which will then be transported to Mossfiel Reserve for on-site assembly and connection to utilities. The use of modular construction is expected to streamline construction timelines, minimizing disruptions to current services.

For more information, visit https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/project/mossfiel-integrated-family-centre.

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