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New Laws Commence to Protect LGBTIQ+ Victorians.

New LGBTQ laws

Landmark laws to better protect LGBTIQ+ Victorians, including those who live in Wyndham, from discrimination at work and in school will come into effect today.

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The Equal Opportunity (Religious Exceptions) Amendment Act 2021 was passed by the Government on 3 December 2021 as part of the ongoing work to make Victoria fairer for all.

From today, religious organisations and schools will no longer be able to sack or refuse to hire people based on protected attributes such as sexuality, gender identity or marital status.

Religious organisations and schools will only be able to make employment decisions based on an employee’s religious beliefs where these are inherent to the job such as a religious studies teacher, and the discrimination is reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances.

The Bill recognises the rights of religious organisations and schools to continue to practice their faith, provide religious teaching and instill their religious ethos within their organisation. The legislation will not impact how religious bodies can select priests, ministers, religious leaders or their members.

The Government consulted extensively with LGBTIQ+ groups, education peak bodies, faith leaders and faith-based groups in drafting the legislation to ensure the Act meets the needs of communities, respects the independence of religious bodies and strikes a fair balance.

Further provisions of the Act will commence in December 2022. These include ensuring that religious organisations that receive government funding to provide services will not be able to refuse to provide them to people based on protected attributes.