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New Off-Leash Dog Beach Opens at Werribee South Foreshore

Dogs off leash werribee south

Exciting news for dog owners! A new off-leash dog beach has opened at Werribee South Foreshore.

Werribee South, Beach Road – Dog owners and their furry friends have reason to rejoice as a new off-leash dog beach opens at the Werribee South Foreshore.

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The designated area, known as East Beach, is now officially open for dogs to roam and play without the constraints of a leash.

To ensure a harmonious environment for all visitors, dog owners are kindly requested to only allow their pets off-leash within the designated off-leash area, clearly marked in red.

Click the image below for the exact location.

Off leash dog beach areas
*Click for location*

The beach management emphasizes the importance of following the rules and guidelines to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors.

The following conditions of use must be adhered to by the handler of any dog using the off-leash area:

  1. Dogs must be kept on a leash until both the handler and the dog have entered the designated off-leash area. Similarly, before leaving the off-leash area, dogs must be leashed again.
  2. Handlers must carry a leash capable of restraining their dog at all times while within the off-leash area. The leash can be a chain, cord, or standard leash.
  3. Dogs must wear their current registration tag on their collar at all times, whether the collar is on the dog or attached to the leash in the handler’s possession.
  4. While off-leash, dogs must remain within visual and audible range of their handlers. This ensures that they can be effectively recalled when necessary.
  5. When encountering another person or dog, handlers must recall and restrain their dogs until the other party has safely passed. In purpose-built dog off-leash enclosures, handlers must recall their dogs whenever another person is entering or exiting the enclosure to avoid any potential conflicts or dog escapes.
  6. Dogs are not allowed to enter any waterways within the off-leash area.
  7. Handlers must ensure their dogs do not attack, chase, or interfere with any wildlife present in the off-leash area.
  8. Dogs known to be dog-aggressive, person-aggressive, un-socialized with other dogs or animals, attracted to moving objects such as bicycle tires, in season, or declared as menacing, dangerous, or of a restricted breed should not be allowed off-leash.
  9. Handlers must always carry a bag or receptacle for the purpose of removing any dog droppings from the off-leash area. Failure to comply with this condition may result in penalties under the Community Amenity Local Law (2015).
  10. Other areas that are designated as off-leash areas and appropriately signposted may be used at any time.

Dog off leash at Werribee South

The opening of the dog off-leash area at East Beach provides an excellent opportunity for dogs to socialize, exercise, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Werribee South Foreshore. It is essential for all dog owners to be responsible, respectful, and mindful of the rules to maintain a positive experience for everyone.

So grab your furry companion, visit the new off-leash beach at Werribee South Foreshore, and cherish the moments of fun and relaxation with your four-legged friend while keeping in mind the conditions of use.

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